Nov 6/2009
Our Story

Our Story


  1. Jan 17/10 8:36 PM
    Charles DIckens says...

    lol you rock!
    You always have the best shirt designs

  2. Mar 3/10 2:20 PM
    Eric Harvey says...

    Hey I am Colins brother. I support you guys for sure. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of the Tees. I live in Regina and I bet the Tees would be a hit here. I would be willing to help distribute and/or promote the Safe Farmer name. I work at Suds Full Service Car Wash ( There are all kinds of Farmers and Rig Pig types who come through that I think would enjoy the designs on the Tees. If you are interested just email me.
    Again, This is Colin Harveys brother Eric. \\//

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