Jan 5/2010
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Grow it Yourself

Grow it Yourself

Happy New Year- a year of fresh starts! As fledgling farmers, moving to a good chunk of land on a small gulf island, we are challenging ourselves to try something new each day; to experiment, play, learn and now through this blog, share.  This is a project in sustainability and self-sufficiency. We are trying to figure out how to grow what we need in order to thrive and survive. It’s our goal to be able to feed ourselves and those around us with nutritious home grown foods as well as eek out a land based living. So, here we go….

Day 1: Evaluating our goals and crops for this year. With 5+ acres of unhappy grape vines its time to take charge of the field and fill it with healthy, thriving crops that can feed us. Its going to be ALL about the soil, water and light and what plants will grow best where. We have 250 blueberry plants waiting in the cold frame as well as 6 hazelnut trees that are innoculated with black Perigold truffle spores (exciting!! learn more soon…). What are the steps we need to take in order to make our “planting plan”? Stay tuned, learn with us or contribute as we make our way along the windy farm path…

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  1. Jan 19/10 10:33 PM
    Jelly says...

    woah!!!! nice ceramic chicken cutting knife!! great job!!!

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